Daniel from Tyrnavon

Archon Protopsaltes of the Great Church of Christ

Daniel from Tyrnavon of Thessaly was a student of Panagiotes Chalatzoglou, chanted together with John of Trapezon, was was known for his good voice and his proper chanting style.

He taught in the second after the Fall ecclesiastical music school for 400 grosia per year. He was also good in the external mousic, which he learned from the famous chanende Zacharias the Byzantios, who composed both ecclesiastical and Asian songs, and creates the collection of such songs (named Efterpe) as well as of Greek songs.

To Zacharias, Daniel taught ecclesiastical music. He composed hymns, long kratemata, a doxology in grave heptaphonic mode, cherubic and communion hymns for Sundays and for the feasts of the year in various modes, and other compositions belonging to the papadic genre. He died on the 23rd December 1789.