Nicholas Danielides

Archon Lambadarios of the Great Church of Christ



Nicholas Danielides was born in Chalcedon in 1915 and graduated from the Great School of Nation in 1936. He learned Byzantine music from Theodore Georgiades and Efstatios Viggopoulos.

He chanted in St John at Kalamisia, in St Ephemia Kadıköy, in Prophet Elijah at Skoutati and the Heavenly Commanders at Mega Revma. In 1947, he was hired into the Patriarchate as first Domestikos, standing next to the Archon Protopsaltes Constantine Priggos. In 1960, when T. Stanitsas was promoted to Protopsaltes, he became Lambadarios of the Great Church of Christ by the Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I. His ordination took place together with that of T. Stanitsas on the third Sunday of Lent of 1961.

Nicholas Danielides suddenly fell asleep in the Lord, in January 1965, young in age after a brain stroke. His body was buried in the Cemetery of the Divine Assension at Macrochorion.

In the funeral speech which was given by the Great Archdeacon Evangellos, it was mentioned that «the departed Ecclesiastical hymnodist was as a man good, polite, a good family-leader, and as a cantor good and devoted to the duty ... a man calm by nature, and who never fell into egoist because of his position».

Admirer of Priggos, Nicholas Danielides is distinguished for his Patriarchal style, his strong voice, and his politeness to all, both young and old.


Οἱ ἐξ ἀσεβείας...

Ἡμέρα χαρμόσυνος...


Μάρτυρες Κυρίου... Τὰ οὐράνια ὑμνεῖ σε..

Psalm 50