Archons Lambadarioi of the Great Church of Christ

Today in the Holy Patriarchal Church of St George, the Archon Protopsaltes (Archcantor) is Leonidas Asteris, and the Archon Lambadarios is John Chariatides. The Protopsaltes is the cantor who leads the first choir, the one on the right (south) side of the temple; whereas the Lambadarios is the cantor who leads the second choir who stands on the north side of the temple.

During the centuries, the sacred Patriarchal temple has been the holy Ark and the shield not only of the Orthodox faith, but also of our sacred chanting art. The bright and glorious choir of the great Protopsaltai and the Lambadarioi, who served in it from the Fall of Constantinople until today, have enlightened the musical construction of the Church. Through their melodic voices, their deep art, and their strong personalities, they have praised the greatness of the Creator, and for centuries they have stood as unbreachable and invaluable ramparts of Byzantine music, our all-sacred national heritage.

Standing with awe and honour is due for there men, who set their life to fulfil this sacred duty. For it is through their continuous and unbreakable succession in the Patriarchal Temple, that Byzantine music tradition is brought to us today as an unending and unsetting light, which starting from the depths of time, and which though the centuries from a generation to the next was passed down.

Let's hope that from this chanting tradition, which remains the beacon and the guide of the Orthodox musical worship, there will be further bright and charismatic figures who will enlighten the future for the glory and honour of the all-holy Trinity.

There follows a list of the cantors, who served as Lambadarioi of the Great Church of Christ after the Fall:

Manuel Chrysaphes IDuring the Fall
John of Trapezon172710-4-1748
Daniel from Tyrnavon11-4-17481765
Peter the Peloponnesian17661777
Peter Byzantios17781801
Manuel Byzantios18021804
Gregory the Levite180521-6-1819
Constantine Byzantios22-6-181923-12-1822
Antony of Andrianoupolis4-12-18221827
John Byzantios18311855
Stephen Michael Byzantios18561862
George Raidestinos II18631-2-1871
Nikolas Stogiannis Byzantios2- 2-18711-2-1888
Aristides Nikolaides2- 2-18884-11-1905
Iakovos Nafpliotes5-11-19051911
Constantine Klavvas19111916
Efstathios Viggopoulos19175-2-1938
Constantine Priggos1-3-19381939
Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas19391960
Nikolaos Danielides19601965
Eleftherios Georgiades19681978
Basil Emmanuelides19781997
John Chariatides1997