Resurrectional Exaposteilaria

Exaposteilarion II

Τὸν λίθον θεωρήσασαι...

When they saw the stone rolled away the Myrrhbearers rejoiced, for they saw a Young Man seated in the tomb, and he said to them, ‘See, Christ has risen. Tell the Disciples with Peter, ‘Go to the mountain in Galilee. There he will appear to you, as he foretold to his friends’.

Chanted by Leonidas Asteris, Archon Archcantor of the Great Church of Christ (2/7/2000).
[ 1΄ 23΄΄]


Exaposteilarion VII

Ὅτι ἦραν τὸν Κύριον...

When Mary said, ‘They have taken away the Lord’, Simon Peter and another Initiate of Christ, whom he loved, hurried to the grave. The two ran and found the grave clothes lying inside alone, while the napkin for the head was by itself. And so they waited quietly again, until they saw Christ.

Chanted by Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas, Archon Archcantor of the Great Church of Christ.
[ 1΄ 29΄΄]