Byzantine Ecclesiastical Hymns

This section contains recordings of hymns performed by excelent cantors in a unique fashion, pieces that were sung according to the mode of the Great Church of Christ, and which constitute a unique resource for the future of our Byzantine Ecclesiastical music.

The music files are in RM format. You can listen to them by using Realplayer®, which is freely available from the internet. Follow the address below for further information.


In order to listen to the hymns, you should wait a couple of minutes (depending on the length of the hymn) until the file has been downloaded. If you want, you can also save the hymn onto your local disc for future use. To do so, right-click onto the link and selecting «Save Target» from the drop-down menu.

Πολυχρονισμὸς τῆς Α.Θ.Π. τοῦ Οἰκ. Πατριάρχου. Mode II

Πολυχρόνιον ποιήσαι...

Chanted by both Patriarchal choirs under the direction of B. Nikolaides and B. Emmanuelides.
[ 1΄ 14΄΄]

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