On Great and Holy Saturday morning:

Vespers of the Resurrection

At «Κύριε ἐκέκραξα...» we sing:

Mode III. Idiomelon.

Σήμερον ὁ ᾍδης στένων βοᾷ...

Chanted by the choir of the Association of Constantinopolitan Friends of Music.
[ 2΄ 11΄΄]


Δόξα... Mode pl. II.

Τὴν σήμερον μυστικῶς...

Chanted by Archon Domestikos of the Great Church of Christ κ. Demosthenes Paikopoulos.
[ 4΄ 33΄΄]


Hymn of the Three Youths. Mode I.

Τὸν Κύριον ὑμνεῖτε...

Part of this is chanted by Basil Nikolaides and Basil Emmanuelides.
[ 0΄ 36΄΄]