Stephen Michael

Archon Lambadarios of the Great Church of Christ

Stephen Michael, Lambadarios of the Great Church, when Protopsaltes was John Byzantios, was from the district of Tatavla, Constantinople. A student of Chourmouzios Chartophylax, he became beautified with his serious music character, immitating Constantine Protopsaltes.

He was perfect in performing psalmody, and fruitful in composing melodies. In 1840, he published the «Muse», in which he explains the systems of the branches of arab-persian music. In 1850, together with Lambadarios John (the later Protopsaltes), the published the «Pandektes», a collection of idiomela, apolytikia, and other heirmologic hymns. In 1862, he published an epitome Anthology, containing the same works of other poets.

Stephanos explained in the current notation the compositions of Constantine Byzantios. He constructed a Theoretikon, which remaining incomplete because of his death in 1864, was later completerd by the musician Panagiotes Keltzanides of Prousa, who added a chapter «On writing correctly». Also under Keltzanides' supervision, the Heirmologion of Stephen was published by his brother-in-law Protopsaltes Demetrios Ioannou.